Tasting Experience

*Swordfish Tea – A Japanese Version of a British Fish Tea


A Tasting Experience


Our tasting menus are not just a selection of dishes but a ‘sequence’ of dishes put together to take you though peaks (stronger flavours) & troughs (delicate flavours). This is done so as to allow you to enjoy and differentiate by palette between courses. Each dish, while being complete is also a little introduction to the flavours to follow on the next course in the tasting sequence. You will be introduced to each course upon arrival and we believe it will be an enjoyable experience tasting new and interesting combinations. The overall quantity of food of any tasting menu the restaurant puts together is always kept the same as that of a 3 course meal.

Paired Drinks – not just Paired Wines
The paired drinks on the tasting menu are not just a pleasant accompaniment but are an interesting experience just like the food. Along with some wine, the restaurant will showcase paired beer, gin, brazilian rum with coffee and green tea with Mexican liqueur. Through such a varied selection, we endeavour to show customers the ability of the restaurant to skillfully prepare  unique unconventional marriages between the food they are eating and drink they are tasting. The tasting experience is therefore a tasting of drinks as well as food.

The 10 course tasting menu runs 3 day a week (every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday evening) and the 6 course tasting menu is offered on Saturday evenings. The overall quantity of food of any menu the restaurant puts together (whether it is a la carte, a 6 course or a 10 course tasting menu) is always kept the same as that of a 3 course meal.

“Most good chefs know they can cook pretty well. At the Arches, we are trying to curate an experience by entwining courses and seasoning food with aroma on several occasions. I want to offer as many small twists as we can so that one can rarely go – I know what this is going to be like”


Chef & Owner, Bath Street Arches

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