Number one restaurant in Gourock 5/5 stars - Trip Advisor

25/30 Glasgow Herald – Ron MacKenna

27/30 Daily Record – Gary Ralston

Independent, health conscious Bistro

*Glazed Beef

Using fresh ingredients & wherever possible using local suppliers

*Pear & Ginger Crumble with a Pear Kulfi

Welcome to Scotland’s smallest Restaurant/Bistro

With just 6 tables, you are offered an intimate & affordable dining experience without being intrusive. Established in 2012, Bath Street Arches is situated opposite Gourock train station on a ‘quiet’ – Bath Street which runs parallel to Kempock Street (Gourock’s high street).

The restaurant’s food does not fit into a category such as ‘Italian’, ‘Scottish’ or even Western or Eastern cuisine. This is because the Arches creates its own flavour combinations and in this way writes it’s own recipes. Here, using a variety of techniques to deliver flavour,  the Arches is also health conscious & therefore nothing is deep fried. While offering customers something ‘different’, it does not mean that one cannot find traditional items like a steak pie, haggis or risotto on the menu. It is this mix of the modern with the traditional, why the Arches does not fit into a category but has it’s own style.

Number One on Trip Advisor

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